About us

Asakweb is looking for creativity. We are constantly learning so that we can turn your creative ideas into a creative and modern product.

about asakweb

Ideas that change the world!

In the Internet world, one of the things that can attract users is having a creative idea. Asakweb is born with creativity and is always looking for people who are compatible with their nature. The combination of creative ideas and the use of modern technologies provides the basis for success for a business. If you are an individual, a company or a group of creative people who are looking to provide modern solutions in the world of software, Asakweb will be with you.

our values

Why choose Asakweb?

A company's values are summed up in the things they do every day and the beliefs they have to continue working.


Knowledge and expertise

Knowledge and expertise is an inevitable pillar for doing things in the software production industry. We are always looking for learning and hope to become an expert in our field of activity.


Honesty and trust

We believe that having honesty and trust between us and our colleagues as well as between us and our customers is the main pillar of success in business. Therefore, we will always proceed based on trust between the parties.


Communication and support

Asakweb is always with its customers. We use various and modern tools for the convenience of effective communication with our customers so that possible challenges can be solved in the shortest possible time.

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